Moon Landings, Supersonic Breakthroughs, And Missions To Europa: 2024 Will Be A Leap Into The Future

If you’re not excited about 2024 yet, this video is certain to fill you with optimism and inspiration for the coming year. NASA has shared a video outlining the space exploration missions they have in store for 2024 – and oh man, it’s going to be an action-packed year. 

There will be the launch of bold new missions to explore the Moon, such as VIPER, a rover that will search the lunar surface for ice, water, and other potential resources. There’s also the ongoing Artemis Missions, which will pave the way towards humans returning to the Moon after 2024. 

Further afield, NASA is planning to launch the Europa Clipper mission, a valiant effort to explore Jupiter’s Moon Europa, a possible habitat for extraterrestrial life. Back home on Earth, don’t forget there will also be a Total Eclipse across North America.


These are just a small snippet of the missions NASA has set for 2024, not to mention those carried out by the European Space Agency, JAXA, China National Space Administration, and others. Check out the full reel of planned missions in the video player above.

Here’s to 2024, onward and upward. 

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