Mystical galaxy of diverse abilities and supportive constellations

Moon, emblem of allure and endearment, symbol of glamour and radiance, yet it is belittled for its inability to gleam independently.

In the same vein, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities is largely reckoned as a prompt for differently abled persons to recognise and express gratitude to luminous individuals who brighten up their obscured surroundings rather than solely focusing on appreciating the adorned horizon they themselves have crafted.

As an individual born with divine limitations (disabilities), I have been grappling with an inexplicable sense of obligation and gratefulness my entire life. Every so often, I am candidly reminded of my indebtedness for the unwavering support and abundant favours extended to elevate my journey; it is evident that I owe a great deal for my personal development, bright academic path and successful professional career to the dazzling constellations of stars gathered around me.

Time and again, I am regaled with adventurous tales recounting my family’s endeavours to equip themselves for meeting my special needs, providing the requisite resources and actively seeking for specialised tutors/institutions to enhance my academic and intellectual skills. These narratives assure me that without their dedicated efforts, my scholastic journey would not have unfolded smoothly. However, my sole reservation stems from the undue emphasis on their undeniably exceptional role, which inadvertently downplays my personal intelligence and mental capacities, potentially impacting my self-esteem.

Frequently, I am reminded of the tireless efforts exhibited by my loved ones and well-wishers who trained me to navigate turbulent waters and counter challenging winds allowing me to conquer the ocean triumphantly. It’s both a testament to their pivotal role in shaping my confident and resolute character as well as sheer negation of my inherent traits. Undeniably, a skilled sailor is indispensable for navigating rough seas, it is just as vital to acknowledge that the boat itself is engineered to withstand the relentless waves.

Stepping onto the professional track, credit of my joyride is proudly attributed to my superiors, for wholeheartedly embracing dynamic policies, in order to accommodate me along with my burdensome baggage and guide my career in the right direction, but my companions are equally held in high regard for demonstrating utmost adaptability in order to foster a balanced working relationship in a challenging environment. While I sincerely appreciate their generous support, the perception of controlling the driving seat, whether under the guise of inclusivity or benevolence, tends to overshadow the recognition of my talent and capabilities, placing unnecessary emphasis on external factors.

Hence, the radiance of my character, intertwined with the moon, is eclipsed by the luminous clusters of stars enveloping my entire existence. This unsettling feeling of indebtedness often outweighs my sense of pride. Nonetheless, a steadfast presence of meteoroids, howsoever inconsequential it may seem, consistently elevates my spirits by conveying the hopeful notion that it is the inevitable fusion of stars and the moon that sculpts a sublime galaxy and amplifies the grandeur of the horizon.

Indeed! Viewing the flip side of the picture highlights how failure to acknowledge the distinct talents and innate capabilities of individuals with diverse abilities and attributing these qualities solely to their support system, leads to an outright disregard of their inherent individuality and unique strengths.

Amidst all the adversities, my commitment to optimism urges me to conclude on a positive note by sharing an inspiring quote of Mr Arthur C Clarke: “The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.”

Published in Other View , December 3rd, 2023.

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